Karman Designers

The great artists of decorative lighting

The beating heart of Karman is a creative laboratory where ideas come to life and are transformed into collections of designer lamps capable of thrilling and surprising. Each lamp has its own distinctive traits and sources of inspiration, but they are all united by a common thread. Light is no longer just a means to see with the eyes but also a fundamental element to create the right atmosphere and arouse emotions.

Karman designers: designer lighting that surprises

Each decorative lamp carries the imprint of Karman's designers with it, and each one, through a precise choice of shapes and materials, becomes a means to tell a story. They give life to interior lighting with an innovative design that is out of the ordinary. Just like the outdoors is covered in magic thanks to decorative lighting designed to embellish the outdoor environment. Whether it's for private living contexts or contract lighting for hotels, clubs, or restaurants, the decorative lamps by Karman designers know how to surprise and make every location unique.