It is the common thread that unites all humanity.
Democracy applied to universal suffrage.
Our atavistic needs are fulfilled by it.
Physiological in its material sense.
Individual in its path.
Its auspicious ending leads us to a bright state of mental and physical wellbeing; in the worst-case scenario to a loss of reason…
Often the end of a nightmare, a liberating moment.
A painful and spasmodic research when unprepared, sometimes it does not contemplate delays or exceptions.
The highest moment of sublime thought: intimate.
One single place, above all others, is elevated to the rank of sanctuary of this interior meditation, the totem of a recovered daily spiritual balance: the loo.
The inner sanctum of cumbersome truths.
Refugium Peccatorum.
No other action has determined the destiny of humanity more than this one, no other place has embodied its traditions more effectively.
Karman wanted to pay homage to it with this important showcase, in its various forms, now, because when you gotta go, you gotta go…!