This video is dedicated to the ones who love to tell little stories, who live lives of emotion, who are able to grab simplicity within full complexity and wish to seize Beauty in it all. To those who begin the day with just one single thought in their heads, as well as to the ones who have an overabundance of thoughts and, every day, peer into the mirror and are still able to smile.

The times we are living within urge us to be prepared; to reach beyond the ordinary… embracing words that people may never utter but would fill our hearts if they did.

In the midst of those hills an idea was born that it is possible to move toward the future and remain faithful to our real selves even as we honor mankind and nature.

We dedicate this video to those who are able to share a dream, who are not afraid at all to break rules in all respects when a gift for wisdom is lacking, who are able in this way to feel themselves to be free… we say this because these are the main tricks of the trade for the subversives of lighting that we are.

Life is so much more adept at fantasy than we are and there is nothing more appealing than to be caught in its sign of beauty… and nothing worse than people who are unable to see and explore it.

We wish to get that point, with intense dedication, passion and knowledge, just like men of ancient times, to offer you lighting, a kind of lighting that has the ability to vibrate, able to talk, a Karman lighting… like fanciful dreamers.