Senigallia_ Foro Annonario / 14th October 2016

Sparkling bubbles immediately make a party.
The festa dello Champagne was a success in its second year and the result of a successful collabora-tion between Karman and the enoteca Tre Galli Senigallia.

The Marches company has looked after, with its innovative, creative and very personal touch that does not go unnoticed, the preparation of the Foro Annonario and, for the occasion, invited about two hundred architects and designers from all over Italy.
There were seven producers of champagne with 21 labels, for enthusiasts and more. The spaces of the former fish market, delimited by columns with capitals in Doric style, were magically lit, crea-ting a charming and bubbly atmosphere.

Karman, a young company in continuous evolution, has always expressed its creative identity even through forays into the world of film, fashion, art and music, with initiatives and new and exciting projects, especially demonstrating how its lights can, not only enlighten, but also excite.
Photo: Simone Luchetti