Genoa –D’Albertis Castle / 19- 24 April 2016

Design week, artistic multidisciplinary performances , meetings and culinary events in search of faraway countries, in an uncommon background of an urban castle.
On April 21, in the evocative setting of the D’Albertis Castle in Genoa, the designers Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo explain us how they created Notredame, a lamp that takes inspiration from the Gothic cathedrals and reawakes ancient feelings.

An evocative path between art, history and design, organized by Dinamica, that intends to renovate this exploration spirit, with the juxtaposition of the permanent collection and other design fittings.

For the first time in Genoa, we want to create a dynamic design exhibition , thanks to the performance of some dancers, who, inspired by design, will create some choreographies “around” and “with” the exposed design fittings.
Imaginary characters will guide you in a timeless journey, between art and craziness, where dance and music are force, emotion, poetry, love and necessity.
The D’Albertis Castle is not only the house of Captain D’Albertis but also our own home, the home of our feelings, fears, questions, that change our relationship with the world.