The soft light of the Karman lamps creates at sunset a magical atmosphere. The places that Karman chooses to give birth to its events and convivial moments aren’t selected at random.

This time architects and interior designers were hosted by a company of the Marche Region, Here the Aiudi family decided to renovate an old building that for years has hosted an “enopoly”, a term of distant memory that describes the place for grapes harvesting, which still shows an emotional strength, the unmistakable smell of must, fragments of reality. Events of other times where the traditions and values of life were still precious. a space where the latest trends in materials, technologies and accessories are presented, where new technologies and creativity can survive.

The Karman event, has been organized in collaboration with and Kerlite, leader on ground coverings.

At the entrance, welcoming guests, suspended as sweet bunches of grapes, three Alibabig lamps, large but so light and romantic. And immediately after the eyes of our owl, TI.vedo, almost watching over the night. On each table a Bacco, ideal decoration for every summer evening. But no less fascinating than the flame of a candle. Then, among the outdoor lamps, as a scenery of dinner, Cell, Romeo and Ululì Ululà do not go unnoticed. The layout continues inside, in the spaces that still exude the past, between the ancient vaults of the building. Here Ghebo, suspension lamp designed by Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo and Braille designed by Matteo Ugolini. Both born in 2017, dominate the internal spaces.

In conclusion, a sweet and warm summer evening where three companies have presented the latest products and more have “tasted” with their guests the combination of tradition and innovation, our way for looking into the future.