Euroluce 2017_Milan / 4-9 April

Karman takes part in Euroluce 2017, by offering a stand that holds inside the real essence of the company. When you enter in the 11th hall you feel like at home.

Try to live the Karman’s space means to live side by side with old special tools, objects that carry us far away, rakes seem to smell like the land. Karman’s stand is a botanic world, with banana trees and many other tropical plants and a real grassland. Every morning, first, Karman’s team waters the plants. Like at home. Get inside the Karman’s stand also means smile and share with the other people your “need of light”.

Karman is tradition and innovation. The tradition has its roots in the handcrafted culture, in the Made in Italy and in the value of team building. At the same time, the innovative strength flows from the design of the products even from the freedom and originality of the stand.

The thin line between illumination and decoration becomes fainter still, as the two concepts complement one another, generating bold, ironic designs, makeovers of classic shapes with materials or decorative touches that appear to be in stark contrast, sealing and personalising the most diverse environments, from formal to de-contracté. Karman will be bringing a large variety of lighting devices to Euroluce 2017, including three that consolidate its market position as producer of outdoor solutions: Gervaso, Romeo and Tobia.

A rich, heterogeneous, out-of-the-box collection, where a variety of different pieces stand side-by-side in playful harmony, sharing the fil rouge of irony, of the encounter with and at the same time detachment from the past, or from nature which is so familiar and inspiring. This idea generates designs based on archaic shapes which take on new functions, such as in the case of Gervaso, transformed from a traditional lemon grove vase into a brand new, lighting element, not only ideal for use outdoors. Bacco, an opalescent, simple wine bottle run on a rechargeable Led battery, which can be transported to, and used in, all kinds of environments. Or Quarantasei, a legendary number that becomes an intuition and a tribute, in a versatile wall lamp that can be used – indeed – in a large number of locations. Tobia takes its inspiration from the world of the countryside – a “zero mileage” world intrinsic to the philosophy of Karman – where the solid strength of the brand’s roots in the Marche region are a tremendous wealth, also helping it to look towards new horizons, both in terms of design and sales.